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First thing we need to celebrate, is getting through January - Yay! Veganuary is over for most, but at the 360 Botanics HQ, we are Vegan all year round! This doesn't mean to say that we don't eat like kings though, far from it!

This month is full of fun days to celebrate, starting with a fave of ours, ‘World Nutella Day’ #worldnutelladay on the 4th - Check out this amazing recipe for Vegan Nutella at The Minimalist Baker - you will be amazed at how awesome it is! We eat it straight out of the jar... but it's also delicious on bagels, toast or vegan pancakes! Top with fresh strawberries for a special Valentine's Day breakfast.

If you don't fancy making it, Natures Store's Hazlenut & Cocoa Spread is really tasty, you can buy in Tesco & Sainsbury, a pretty impressive Vegan dupe!

It's also National Pizza Day #pizzaday on the 9th - The guys at One Planet Pizza are nailing it with their ethically produced frozen vegan pizzas , tons of variations delivered straight to your door, to either freeze or eat straight away! Our personal fave is their Three Cheezly Margherita, delicious!

We also love the Tesco Plant Kitchen Mushroom Pizza it's really garlicky and has a lovely deep mushroom flavour and at £2.50 - it's a total bargain!

The official National Pizza Day website are offering 30% off takeaway Pizza's across the whole of the UK on February 9th, Click here to check it out!

They have partnered up with various Pizza Joints to offer this great deal, including Papa John's who have some super awesome Vegan options for you to try out!

The next big one is of course - VALENTINES DAY #valentinesday on the 14th........

What better gift to give on Valentine's Day than a huge box of gorgeous Vegan Chocolates from Booja Booja along with perhaps some lovely products from 360 Botanics! We can't decide between the Booja's Around Midnight Expresso or Champagne Truffles, which ones are your favourite?

So the time has come to indulge and buy yourself and your loved ones (of course!) something heartfelt and special! Here’s some Valentine's Day Natural Skincare Gift recommendations from the 360 Botanics Range that your loved ones will enjoy receiving!

First up are some very important Self Care items;


Relax Bath Salts & Quartz Soy Candle

Take some well earned time for yourself and have a lovely soak with these Relax Bath Salts

A blend of skin conditioning and relaxing mineral rich salts combined with three delicious essential oils and dreamy rose petals & hibiscus. The Himalayan Pink Salt contains amongst other things, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc and Iron, all of which help to regulate sleep and reduce stress.

Light up one of our beautifully scented 100% Vegan Soy Wax candles to complete your Self Care bath moment. This Quartz Candle with a scent of freshly picked roses, warm florals and creamy dusky rose matches perfectly with the rose quartz crystal, which harmonises the chakras, cleanses and heals the heart and symbolises unconditional love. A perfect Valentines gift for yourself!


Imperial Serum & Beard Oil

Our 100% Botanical Men's Imperial Facial Serum is a super anti-ageing, moisturising treat for your skin.   The special blend of botanical base oils, including Morrocan Argan oil, Hempseed Oil and skin balancing Jojoba Oil have been chosen to nourish and hydrate the skin with no residue.   This serum absorbs quickly to give you nourished, hydrated skin, helping to reduce and prevent any fine lines or redness and also conditions the skin.   It is balancing, clarifying and smoothing, leaving a lovely lingering woody scent.

Our 100% botanical Beard Oil is a treat for the man in your life - if it's stubble, a moustache or a full-on beard!This one-stop product is easy to use, absorbing quickly to nourish, condition and tames any facial hair. It is balancing, clarifying and smoothing, leaving a lovely lingering scent. Conditioning and taming the hair whilst leaving your skin soft with a lovely scent that comes from the carefully chosen blend of essential oils - Bay, Grapefruit, Cedarwood & Vanilla.   This Beard Oil is an all-round winner!


Rose Radiant Facial Mist & Rose Beauty Balm

100% Natural, hydrating & soothing Rose Radiant Facial Mist.  This top selling facial mist brings an instant burst of radiance to your skin. It is Infused with Rose Essential Oil which helps to reduce reddening and sun damage along with balancing and nourishing Rose Geranium, hydrating organic Rose Water & anti ageing Green Tea Extract. Use as a toner under your moisturiser, to set your make-up or spritz throughout the day to refresh, hydrate and boost the radiance of your skin. It smell's amazing too!

Our BEST SELLING Rose Beauty Balm nurtures all skin types for a Glowing, Radiant Complexion. With antioxidant rich ingredients, a luxurious feel and a delicious scent this is a ‘must have’ essential. Apply at night to cleansed skin from the neck to the forehead.  

And don't forget your 4 legged best buddy............


This well loved 360 Botanics Pooch Spray is a hand blended mix of TOXIN FREE, Dog Friendly Essential Oils creating a calming scent that dogs truly love! It really does help to banish any anxiety your pet may be having, for example on a trip to the vets. An uplifting citrusy scent with woodsy Cedarwood this Aroma Mist works wonders on clearing all sorts of Doggy smells & creates a relaxing atmosphere for your pet. Reg loves it! x

Last but not least, don't forget ‘Random acts of kindness day’ #RandomActsOfKindnessDay on the 17th! Do something totally random and out of the blue; send a friend you haven't seen for ages some flowers - we love these letterbox deliveries by Bloom & Wild or better still, use your local florist. Call up a relative you haven't reached out to in a while - this little act of kindness will really make someone's day!

What-ever you get up to this month, enjoy being loved AND spreading the love. Spring is around the corner and we have a lot to be grateful for!


Words by 360Botanics

Photography by SHOOTLAB

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